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Welcome to hackerspace.

It's a safe place where you can use our Debian Linux computers , experiment with open-source code, learn new technologies and make new friends!

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Come chat with us on our own Node.js, React.js, Websocket-powered chat room running on an IBM Bluemix server.

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Educational Materials

Here are the lecture notes from our bootcamps.

Course Schedule

All the workshops and usage of the computers is free.

The schedule is subject to change.

There is no formal registration process — just show up!

18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00
NSS-alive (JavaScript, Sqlite, Python)
NSS-alive (JavaScript, Sqlite, Python)
Beginner Project (JavaScript + ReactJS)
Beginner Project (JavaScript + ReactJS)
Iterate Shell (C/C++)
Iterate Shell (C/C++) + Capture The Flag


The hackerspace is open from 17:00-21:00, Monday-Saturday.

We are located in ISTC (IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center), on the sixth floor of the Linguistics Building at Yerevan State University.

Big Thank You

We want to thank ISTC and EIF for providing us this space and supporting us with the necessary resources.

Code of Conduct

These are adapted from Gothenburg Hackerspace.

  • iterate hackerspace is an inclusive society where everyone is welcome to discuss and learn more about technology regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion. We want all participants to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Hence, all participants are expected to behave with mutual respect, tolerance, encouragement in mind.

  • Everyone at iterate hackerspace is obliged to follow this code of conduct. It applies to all of the association's physical gatherings and events, as well as to communication channels and other virtual activities.

  • Harassment includes offensive or unwanted comments concerning, but not limited to, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, physical appearance, ethnicity or religion. The following actions and behaviors are cause for countermeasures to be taken: Sustained disruption of talks, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwanted photographs or recording, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and pornographic pictures in public places (including slides and profile/avatar pictures).

  • The following countermeasures are to be expected:

    1. The alleged offender may be confronted and asked to change their behavior.

    2. The alleged offender may be asked to leave the area until further notice.

    3. If the behavior continues, the alleged offender may be prohibited from participating in all future events, and the incident will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Our main interest is to sustain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all those involved. Prohibition is a last resort.


And huge appreciation and thanks to Mariam Melkumyan for completely redoing this site and making it gorgeous.

Thanks to Sparik Hayrapetyan, Aram Gevorgyan and Robert Adamian for helping with Armenian translations.

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