• Oil Filter for MAZDA,FORD 6 Hatchback,GH,LF-DE,L813,LF17,L5-VE,6 Estate,GH,LF18

Technical Data Shipping Information Returns Feedbacks Contacts Oil Filter for MAZDA,FORD 6 Hatchback,GH,LF-DE,L813,LF17,L5-VE,6 Estate,GH,LF18 IMPORTANT COMMENT Winter holidays are in the wings for shipping companies as well. Dispatching/delivery delays are possible. Asvela shop will be also on holidays after which we back to the regular working mode on 02.01.2019. Technical Data
Manufacturer Part Number 714 322 0008
Outer diameter [mm]62.5 mm
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Infowith seal
Filter typeFilter Insert
Height [mm]73 mm
Inner diameter [mm]29.5 mm
NOTE All tech data details in the listings description section are provided from official manufacturers' tech databases. We always suggest checking fitment with our dedicated support before purchases. Postage Information
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Attention all ! Use engines info and vehicle YMM compatibility chart for general guide. To avoid any kind of misfitment, when you doubt in compatibility, or cannot find the correct item, please, contact Asvela tech support before purchasing. Strictly important to provide VIN along with your detailed request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics. The VIN (a 17-character number (digits and capital letters )can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle or on the driver's side door and look at the door post . Reference Numbers GH GG GY LW BK ER BL B4Y B5Y BWY BA7 WA6 LF-DE L813 LF17 L5-VE LF18 L3C1 LFF7 L823 L828 L3KG L3 L3-VDT L3N9 CGBA CGBB CHBA CHBB CJBA CJBB CFBA SEBA SEWA ????????????? 1335 NF1023 1A FIRST AUTOMOTIVE E50234 E50336 888 YC110 ACDELCO AC6192E AC6193E PF1703 ACEMARK 133143 AD 101100031 AGAMA AGMC4418 O3359B O406 AIKO BUO2O406 C418 ALCO MD431 SP1296 SP1423 ALCO FILTER ALCOFILTERS SP928 ALPHAFILTER AF231 AF227 AMC MO534 AMC FILTER MO533 AMCFILTERS MO537 AMD AMDFL711 AMDJFL45 AMDJFL51 AMIWA 2002017 APIAP MZ25036100000 ASAM 30551 ASAMSA 80913 ASHIKA 10ECO036 ASHUKI 192566A M00133 AUTOMEGA 1800360 180036010 11103430102 180036310 30103430102 AUTOMOTOR FRANCE I30 AVANTECH OF0402 OF0406 OF2004 AWM OF0601 AZUMI C21114 OE25406 BIC BIG FILTER GB1198 GB1141 GB1218 GB1211 BD06GB1218 BLUE PRINT ADM52114 ADJ132113 ADM52111 ADM52119 ADM52118 BM FO5420 BORG & BECK BFO4092 BFO4106 BFO4031 BFO4205 BFO4002 BOSCH A178352A 1457429257 F00E369850 F026407203 P9257 Z7 BZ6 BZ7 1457429238 0451103276 0451103363 0986452001 0986452044 0986452062 0986452068 0986AF1156 BSG BSG30140008 BUGUS QOL0234E QOL0239E BUIL BUILFILTER CARLINE CLN4029 CHAMPION COF100524E XE524606 XE535606 COF100535E CHRYSLER 04105409AB 04105409AC 4105409 4105409AB 4105409AC FE00213 CLEAN FILTERS ML1703 DO942 ML059 ML4526 CLEANFILTER COMLINE EOF084 EOF181 EOF265 COOPERSFIAAM FA5650ECO COOPERSFIAAMFILTERS CWORKS B163104321 DELLO 30107510529 DENCKERMANN A210161 A210143 DEPPUL DELF014320 DEXTRIM DX32011 DX30701W DX3OB701 DX35001H DJ PARTS FL1001 DODA 1110020017 1110020018 1110020067 DPGROUP ES9501 ES9501PUR DR!VE+ DP1110110069 DT SPARE PARTS 1341203 DYNAMATRIX PHU711X DOFC1063 DOFX1712D FEBI 33470 FEBI BILSTEIN FEDERAL MOGUL FI.BA F667 FIAAM FA5670AECO FIAMM FT5754 FIL FILTER MLE1446A MLE1446 FILTRON OE665 OE6652 OP5322 OP6292 OP629T OE6671 OE6671A OE655 OP618 FINWHALE LF306 FORD 4S7J-6744-AA 3M4G-6744-AA 1S7J-6744-AC 1 343 102 1 124 160 1S7J-6744-BA 1 152 049 1343102 1124160 1152049 4S7J6744AA FORTECH FO025 FO037 BVFWFO037 FO034 B063FO025 FO023 FRAM CH9382ECO B602CH8814ECO CH8814 CH8814ECO PH9566 CH9641 CH9382 CH9657CECO CH9657ECO PH2951 PH3614 PH3963 PH4386 PH4967 PH5123 PH5166 FRANCECAR FCR21F019 FUJIMOTO GENERAL MOTORS 19114114 GOODWILL OG103ECO OG525ECO OG201HQ OG120ECO OG201 GP VO30731880 GREENFILTER OK0135 OK0131 GROUP7 V5505 HANSPRIES 301914595 301914 301914546 302134595 HASTINGS LF594 HENGST E20HD79 H90W27 E40HD105 H90W12 H90W19 HENGST FILTER HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J1313025 HERTHBUSS J1312015 J1313021 HOFFER 14055 14065 14092 HOLA SA135 SL212 HOTPARTS 10041520853J00 10049091510001 10049091520001 100490915YZZE2 INTERPARTS IPEO730 IPEO756 IPS PARTS IFL3390 JAKOPARTS J1313033 JAPANCARS B13022PR B13023JC B11017 JAPANPARTS FOECO036 FOL09S FO351S JAPKO 1ECO036 JC PREMIUM JD JFM0020 JP GROUP 1518503200 1518503209 1518503409 JS ASAKASHI OE406J C114J O406J KAGER 100188 100189 KAISHIN KAMOKA F110201 F113001 F100701 KITTO C114 KLAXCAR FRANCE FH095Z FH032Z KNECHT OX203D B158OX203DECO OX203DECO OC1063 KNECHTFILTER OX1712D OX1712DECO KOLBENSCHMIDT 50013866 50013919 50013696 KOREASTAR KFLG172 KORTEX KO0016 KO0020 KO0073 KO0075 KO0079 KRAFT AUTOMOTIVE 1702055 1703500 1705650 KS KUJIWA KUME406 KUM114 LEX LM1881 LUBERFINER PH2835 LUBERFINERCHAMP P960 LUCAS FILTERS LFOE230 LYNX LO404 LYNXAUTO LC1602 LC1610 MADFIL MAGNETI MARELLI 153071760515 154065438130 161013130230 152071758791 154070582031 600000028740 71760515 MAHLE MAHLE ORIGINAL OX979 OX979D OX397D MAHLEKNECHT OX203DOEKO OC1051 OC217 OC218 OC340 OC466 OC478 OC534 OC981 OC988 MANN HU711X W71273 W71283 MANN-FILTER HU7112X W7015 HU7162X MANNHUMMEL MAPCO 64600 61602 64401 MASTER-SPORT 711XOFPCSMS 7122XOFPCSMS MASUMA MFC2417 MFC1429 MAXGEAR 260297 260893 OF7119 MAZDA ZZCA-23-802 LF01-14-3029A L321-14-3029A L321-14-302 LF01-14-302 L32114302 L321143029A L321143029U L32114302A9U LF0114302 LFY114302 000018L3Y2 L32114300A MDR MOF3E36 MEAT & DORIA 14049 MECAFILTER ELH4320 ELH4326 ELH4352 METACO 1020042 MEYLE 7143220008 7143220014 MFILTER MU1211 TE617 MGA FH1139 MICRO O8218 T8219 MILES AFOE031 AFOE032 AFOE035 MISFAT Z413 L104 MOTAQUIP VFL497 MOTORCRAFT FL2017B EFL404 FL404 MS (MOTOR SERVICE) XMSE50013866 MULLER FILTER FOP234 FOP336 MVPARTS MVCH9382ECO MVCH9641 MVPH2811N NAC 8807 8829 NAKAMOTO F010033 NEVSKYFILTER NF1335 NIPPARTS J1313023 J1313030 J1312014 J1312018 NISSAN 1520853J00 1520853J01 1520853J0A 1520853J10 1520870J00 15208BX00A 15208F4300 NITTO 4M124 NPS M131A09 M131A04 OMNICRAFT ONNURI GFLG172 OPEN PARTS EOF411510 EOF415110 OPTIMAL FO00052 FO00050 OSSCA 12593 PARTS-MALL PB2011 PBH034 PATRON PF4156 PF4004 PF4134 PF4145 PF4156KOR PAYEN PEMEBLA JAPFOECO036 PMC PBH037 PROFESSIONALPARTS 22346554 22431616 22431781 PROFIT 15410172 15410171 15410160 PURFLUX L340 LS357 L343 L343C QH QH BENELUX WL7292 WL7407 QUATTRO FRENI QF14A00007 QUINTON HAZELL QFL0160 QFL0072 RBEXIDE REDSKIN REDO406 SAKURA EO1701 C1936 C1936SBP EO1702 C1110 C1139 C1141 C1160 C1814 SAKURA AUTOMOTIVE SCANTECH 9731880 9786554 SCT SH4043 SH4791 SH4791P SM196 SH4043P SH4793 SH4793P SCT GERMANY SOFIMA S5056PE S3413R SPEEDMATE SMOFJ059 STARKE 106802 STARLINE SFOF0315 STELLOX 2050512SX 2050466SX 2050507SX SWAG 70933470 TADASHISA TOF203D TECHAS 110061Z TECNECO OL09382E TECNECO FILTERS OL0234E TOPRAN TOYO TO5141 TOYOTA 0892202005 0892202011 1560013051 1560025010 1560113030 1560144010 90915YZZD4 TSN 95140 95173 92182 UFI 2505600 2341300 UNICO FILTER EL672X UNIFLUX FILTERS XOE160 XOE117 UNION O404 C111 C123 C170 C216 VAICO V250105 V250145 VALEO 586554 586083 586500 586073 VIC VPM VPMY40114302 WIX 51348 WL7323 WL7510 A178352A 57203 WL7305 WIX FILTERS 51348MP 51394 57181 57254 WL7172 WUNDER WY556 ZEKKERT OF4320E OF4196 OF4021E ZZVF ZVLF01320
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Oil Filter for MAZDA,FORD 6 Hatchback,GH,LF-DE,L813,LF17,L5-VE,6 Estate,GH,LF18

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